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The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin experiences a soft console and a limited quantity of capacity at its cost, yet it may be only the ideal Laptop for a particular individual: somebody that organizes enduring force and execution to the exclusion of everything else … and can become acclimated to that console.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

Pros & Cons

Pros of Samsung Notebook 9
  • Superb performance
  • Madly long battery life
  • Helpful programming and equipment highlights
  • Amazingly versatile 15-inch PC
Cons of Samsung Notebook 9
  • Insufficient capacity
  • Soft keyboard
  • Dreary sound

The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin is a muddled gadget, significantly more than different workstations. It makes them baffle impediments that keep it away from turning into a genuinely extraordinary Laptop. In any case, those weaknesses are commonly repaid by the enormous advantages it brings to the table.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

For instance, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin is kept down by its soft console and little SSD. Notwithstanding, it compensates for those with a dependable battery and quick equipment. Accordingly, it has this sort of equalization in bargains and includes, and that settles on it a brilliant decision for the correct kind of client. In case you’re somebody who esteems battery life and crude pull over whatever else – and can become acclimated to a soft console – at that point Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin (2018) merits considering as the following Laptop for you.

Availability and Price

Our Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin audit model is estimated at $1,699 (about £1,334, AU$2,455), which gets you the equipment leaned to one side. Notwithstanding, there is a less expensive base arrangement with a large portion of the RAM and without devoted designs for $1,299 (about £1,020, AU$1,877).

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

The two models of the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin tout Full HD shows, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a unique mark sensor for Windows Hello login. Be that as it may, there’s just one shading alternative – you’ll get the equivalent “Light Titan” finish on either model. Along these lines, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 hasn’t changed a lot of this time around, in any event past the conspicuous moves up to handling and illustrations power.

Beginning at $999 (about £719, AU$1,299), the fresh out of the plastic new Dell XPS 15 effectively eclipses the Samsung Notebook 9 with regards to esteem, offering half as much RAM yet unquestionably progressively incredible Nvidia GTX 1050 designs and a 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD combo stockpiling arrangement behind an FHD show.

Anyway, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 out of sight the $2,399 (£1,719, AU$3,129) MacBook Pro 2017 with progressively current processors, regardless of whether it doesn’t have the Touch Bar and the AMD Radeon Pro 555 GPU in Apple’s leader may clobber the Nvidia MX150 chip a tad. All in all, where does that leave the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Ultra Thin?

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

Specifications of Samsung NoteBook 9

CPU (quad-core, 8MB cache, up to 4.0GHz) 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8550U

(2GB GDDR5); Intel UHD Graphics 620, Nvidia GeForce MX150



(350 – 500 nits brightness) 15-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) LED

Storage (PCIe) 256GB SSD

1 x Thunderbolt 3 (, head phone out/mic-in combo port, USB-C), 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 HDMI 3-in-1 card reader, DC-in port


(2 x 2 antenna); Bluetooth 4.1, Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 Wi-Fi

Camera with internal mic 720p HD webcam
Weight 2.82 pounds (1.28kg)
Size (347.98 x 229.36 x 15.49mm; W x H x D) 13.70 x 9.03 x 0.61 inches

Design of Samsung Notebook 9

All things considered, to begin, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop depends intensely on its highlights and configuration to legitimize the cost. It’s acceptable that it is brilliant looking and completely highlighted, regardless of whether the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop truly hasn’t changed all that much structure astute.

Not that we’re whining: Samsung Laptops has a marvelous PC configuration approach. The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop is level where it should be, including just the basic measure of bends – this PC emanates downplayed extravagance all through its gleaming aluminum outline.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop comes in just shy of 3lbs and is just 0.61 inches thick, making it one of the most minimized and lightweight 15-inch PCs we’ve at any point tried. All things considered, there’s one piece of the body we’d have favored were somewhat better.

The most glaring imperfection is in its console which, while extensive and somewhere down in movement, is a dreadfully soft inclination with regards to input. It’s unquestionably not the fresh, punchy experience we’re utilized to on workstations in this value extend, however as a matter of fact it doesn’t affect your time utilizing it – simply prepare for an expectation to absorb information. It’s up to you whether a portion of the PC’s other significant advantages exceeds this downside.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

Additionally, we saw the console backdrop illumination as horrendously frail, not showing up a lot more splendid than a gleam in obscurity sticker and comparative in tone. In any event, the keys are very much dispersed and leave space for an awesome unique finger impression sensor and touchpad. The touchpad on this PC is covered in glass-like previously and offers up magnificent palm dismissal in that it did not once activate mouse developments while composing. In the interim, the unique mark sensor is smart to set up and responsive in real life – all workstations ought to give this component.

Audio and Display

Obviously, Samsung’s FHD show being used here is great, offering dynamic shading proliferation through its LED board. Reds completely pop while blacks everything except vanish into the screen’s holding.

Tragically, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop actual splendor potential is taken cover behind an outside mode inside the Samsung Settings application. This expands the screen’s greatest splendor of 350 nits by another 150 to give a maximum brilliance of 500 nits, placing it allied with the Apple MacBook Pro.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

The way that the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop showcase is unimaginable isn’t unexpected, knowing the maker – simply turn that Outdoor Mode on when viewing Netflix, and you’ll have a vivid time. In addition, you’ll be glad to realize that this settings application likewise flaunts a blue light decrease mode so you can make those 500 nits simpler on the eyes.

With respect to the sound, we’re pitiful to report that it sounds about as dainty and metallic as you’d anticipate from little, down-terminating speakers. This is one spot worth taking a gander at for Samsung as far as refining the 2019 model.

Shaking an eighth era Intel Kaby Lake Refresh Core i7 processor and Nvidia MX150 GPU, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected that the Samsung Notebook 9 completely aced our benchmarks. What is astounding, in any case, is the amazing measure of battery life that this PC has.

During our benchmark tests, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop showed that it’s ready to deal with pretty much any registering task you toss at it inside the extent of the normal client. Without a 4K show, don’t hope to alter 4K media on this machine, however it should render 1080p video and picture records perfectly.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

The PC’s graphical exhibition is remarkable and shows you ought to have the option to get some easygoing, essential gaming out of this gadget just as excellent video playback. All things considered, we are somewhat disillusioned by the capacity close by. In the event that an expert or prosumer was to get this PC, they’d top off that 256GB SSD in a matter of seconds. Particularly at the cost, Samsung ought to have at any rate 512GB or a mixture arrangement – Apple may not, yet Dell certainly does.

Battery life

Indeed, even despite the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop downsides, we’re still in wonderment of one key preferred position that Samsung’s most recent 15-inch PC gloats: its staggeringly long battery life. Indeed, this may very well be the longest-enduring PC we’ve tried, beating both of our benchmarks and outliving the most influence rich workstations we’ve seen. The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop effectively outlasts the Dell XPS 15 2017, enduring about 8 hours in our PCMark 8 battery test, and more than 12 and a half hours in our neighborhood video summary test. Notwithstanding, we can’t represent the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro 2017.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

How did the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop figure out how to hit these noteworthy numbers? All things considered, Samsung hugely expanded battery limit this time around – from 10Wh to 17Wh. Simultaneously, the PC just highlights a 1080p showcase, just bringing about net additions for battery life.

In the event that your needs rotate around ordinary execution and unwavering quality, at that point the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop is a fantastic choice, realizing to what extent it can keep going on battery power. Those figures, not in any event, representing Windows 10 Battery Saver Mode and turning brilliance underneath half, would see you through cross-country just as some intercontinental flights.

Software and Features

While Samsung incorporates McAfee antivirus in this PC, it at any rate built up some awesome settings control programming for its unmistakable highlights. For instance, the Samsung Settings application can send the PC into a quiet mode, limiting fan clamor by turning on power sparing highlights.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

With this application, you can likewise trigger Outdoor Mode to support screen brilliance to 400 nits as opposed to 350, just as switch between most extreme execution modes and extra battery sparing modes to make the effectively protracted battery life last considerably more.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop product even flaunts an HDR mode to make hues pop more in photographs and recordings, however to our undeveloped eyes it just appears to make scenes darker and hues more articulated. Moreover, you can control console backdrop illumination here, regardless of whether you can’t make it any more grounded or change the shading. At any rate, the Samsung Settings application is perhaps the niftiest bit of programming we’ve seen pre-stacked onto a PC in quite a while.

Final Conclusion about Samsung Notebook 9

Notwithstanding a console that has diminished backdrop illumination, but on the other hand, isn’t punchy enough for our preferences, and some dreary sound execution just as a disappointing extra room, we found that the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 Ultra Thin benefits far exceed its blemishes. You’ll be unable to discover a PC that plays out this well and keeps going this long. Obviously, that is thanks in enormous part to a 1080p showcase in when high-goals alternatives are everything except required. Contingent upon your particular needs and inclinations, this could be a magnificent PC for you.

Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop  MrTechSeller.Com

For the sake of muscular battery life and adaptability in execution, also all the ports we’ll ever require in a PC, the Samsung Notebook 9 Laptop Windows 10 is a reasonable and engaging pick for most understudies and general clients. You can hope to go far with this PC – and for longer without charging.

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